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Divine Logic has grown to become one of the largest and most reliable technology repair centers in the Central San Joaquin Valley. We provide IT service to Fresno, Kings, Madera, Merced, and Kern County.

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Do you have a broken laptop screen?
If you've dropped your laptop or dropped something on it and the screen has cracked, you will most likely need your LCD replaced.  If you are having display problems and your laptop hasn't ocurred physical damage, the problem may not be the LCD screen.  The display problem may be caused by the laptop's inverter, a small board that supplies power to the backlight.  Bring in your laptop and have one of our technician's diagnose your display issue.
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What are some symptoms of an infected computer?
  • Unexpected messages or images pop-ups
  • Programs start unexpectedly
  • Your computer 'freezes' frequently, or programs start running slowly
  • You receive system error messages
  • You notice that your files or folders have been deleted or changed
  • Your web browser behaves eratically, e.g. you can't close a browser window
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    Laptop won't charge when it's plugged in?
    If you plug your power adapter in and find that it is no longer charging your laptop OR it begins to charge and stops charging repeatedly, evaluate the following:

  • Is there physical damage where your power adapter connects to the laptop?
  • Are there any tears or severed areas on the cord?
  • Is the connection on your laptop loose or broken?
  • Does your power adapter get hot when it is plugged in to your laptop?

  • These are all signs of a damaged power system which can lead to permanent damage of your laptop.


    Divine Logic is locally owned and has been serving the valley since 1993.
    We always strive to find cost effective solutions for our clients' IT needs. 
    Our staff is trained to listen, research and service our clients' needs.
    We recognize the significance of business IT support to always include prompt and courteous service. 
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  • Server Installation
  • Web Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • PC | Laptop Repair
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  • Custom Computer Builds
  • Server Migration & Deployment
  • IP Camera Security
  • Web Hosting
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  • Remote Backup Servers
  • Data Recovery
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  • Remote Networking
  • Is your computer worth fixing?
    Jeff Dunn,Lead Technician
    Many people wonder if they should get their computer fixed or if it's time to retire it and purchase a new one. Afterall, there are $400.00 computers for retail today. There are several factors you should consider to better reach your decision. (Read Article)